Sam Worthington Says THE HUNTER'S PRAYER In The First Trailer

With the stagnant development of the next Avatar films seuging into full-on production later this year, the window finally starts to close some on how long we can watch actor Sam Worthington in human form before he goes all-in with the Na'vi for the next several years. For this, we have a glimpse of his latest, The Hunter's Prayer, following its announcent in 2014 and subsequent acquisition by Saban Films last Fall, and with a new trailer to spare.

Based on author Kevin Wignall's 2004 publication "For The Dogs", which received critical acclaim and made available in the U.S. that year and in several territories thereafter, Jonathan Mostow directs Worthington in the role of an assassin for hire who turns on his employers after a failed assignment to kill a young girl forces them both on the run for their lives, with the only option of uncovering why her family was wiped out earlier on, and delivering justice to those responsible. Alicia Silverstone and Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman also star from a script by producet Paul Leyden and co-scribe Oren Moverman.

June 9 is the date of the film's limited release. The trailer? Clearly aiming for the Bourne crowd here with the frenetic cuts and close-ups, so let's hope the film has some grist to itself as an assassin narrative tale apart from the frenzied fightwork to come.


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