PEACE BREAKER: Aaron Kwok Stares Down The Barrel Of Death In The First Official Poster For The Upcoming 'A Hard Day' Remake

If you need a good cop thriller to tick you off in the best way, I wholly recommend Kim Sung-Hyun's 2014 bonafide hit, A Hard Day. Actor Lee Sun-Kyun gives one of the best corrupt cop performances of his career and notably among any South Korean flick of the same genre, and having been highly regarded as such, it's easy to see why a remake would appeal in a different market.

That said, Sweet Alibi helmer Lien Yi-Chi may have had a critical hit at the time, but it didn't put enough butts in seats and hopefully his next offering will remedy that. That opportunity now comes with his own take on the aformentioned film with the new movie, Peace Breaker, featuring Aaron Kwok opposite Brotherhood Of Blades co-star Wang Qianyuan in the story of a morally bent detective who, in the wake of a family member's death, tries to cover up an accidental crime only to find himself in throes of a mysterious man holding him hostage from afar.

The film is reportedly opening in August and now has a fresh new poster. It also has stills with images of a certain few scenes harkening back to the original movie which is great, although it still bares asking if whether or not Lien has something fresh to offer in remaking an already seething, brutal and fantastic film. As such, one can hope.

Check out the poster and subsequent images below! 

(h/t: Asian Film Strike)


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