PAYING MR. McGETTY: New Trailer, Poster, And If You Will, A Sidebar.

I'm going to level with you on something.

There's a certain breaking point one reaches when critiquing a set of films made for a niche and by a director who barely has a grasp in shooting action. Director Michael Baumgarten certainly fits the profile, and as clearly seen in his two recent titles, The Martial Arts Kid and his latest, Paying Mr. McGetty starring debut actor and martial artist R. Marcos Taylor.

Yes, it's an award-winning film and there's no question of its martial arts star power. Nonetheless even in granting a curve for critiquing a film of this caliber, you still have to acknowledge caliber and, well... I can't say it was high taking into account my own review in which I included the following:
"Some of the ne'er do well performances in several of the fights aren't a huge standard setter for the film's action as some of the hits don't connect, with a few moments even strained a bit by what's supposedly written as comedy. One example of this is a parking lot fight that takes place in the first half of the film wheren the choreography looks like it could have been tightened better for more solid delivery..."
Constructive as I was being, it is still an issue among fans, film critics and reporters like myself who are geared toward promoting action movies. We, in large part, support our stars and our directors in favor of films like these, but there's something worth detailing when you have a film like The Martial Arts Kid getting a sequel in lieu of Baumgarten's new action comedy here and I'm spending every week promoting line-up after line-up of shortfilms every week a la the Hit List, made often without a penny, but a mere love for the craft.

And make no mistake either. Taylor is a keen and solid performer, as is fight choreographer John Kreng. That said, if all this makes you wonder what's missing, you're on the right track, and hopefully Paying Mr. McGetty will be the precursor acknowledging that answer for the sake of better action films, and notably with longtime action star and producer Don "The Dragon" Wilson on the front cover.
After a night of drinking and gambling, Tyrell (R. Marcos Taylor, Netflix's Luke Cage) is awakened by an angry call from his girlfriend, Meena (Anita Clay) and finds himself in bed with a strange woman, Cecelia (Alissa Schneider) -- a local mob boss' daughter. Once the local mob boss finds out, he hires Shota (Wilson) -- a relentless hitman. To make matters worse, the reward on Tyrell's head has dozens of others looking for him, too. Adding to Tyrell's troubles, the worst thing of all... Meena, the love of his life, is put in harm's way. Tyrell must make a stand by taking on the mob, taking on Shota, and finding the money to pay their landlord -- Mr. McGetty -- before the day ends. It will be the wildest and most incredible day of his life!
The film has a brand new trailer below to help appeal to the masses. It delivers the narrative nicely, all things considered, and with Taylor amply putting in the effort toward the kind of physical comedy this film is meant for. As for how you'll receive it in full, well... that's entirely on you. Others will surely see this movie through a different filter so I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it more or less so beyond my own commentary. But do approach with an open mind, or caution, whichever helps.

Check out the new trailer and poster below!


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