Paul Currie's Sci-Fi Thriller, 2:22 Clocks In With A First Trailer

Don't you hate it when blinding flashes of light distract you from your job? Shiny objects and such? Well, at any rate, I suppose nary does that sort of thing lead to the kind of calamity our protagonist faces in Aussie and award-winning director Paul Currie's new sci-fi, 2:22.

Actor Michiel Huisman and actress Teresa Palmer lead the tale of a NYC traffic controller at the top of his game until a sudden stroke of light distracts him just as two passenger planes barely avoid a midair collision. Suspended from his job, his newfound relationship with one of the passengers helps bide the time while he realizes a series of events that begin to arise, all drawing him into Grand Central Station every day at 2:22pm, ensuing a battle to save time as we know it.

What this looks like may be hard to imagine but the latest trailer from Magnolia Pictures is online to sample it all, gun battles, stunning visuals and crashing through windows and so on. 2:22 clocks in on June 30 in limited theaters and on VoD.


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