OATS STUDIOS: VOLUME ONE Trailer Sets The Stage For Neill Blomkamp's Experimental Sci-Fi Action Foray

While filmmaker Neill Blomkamp may be further from seeing his vision for 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise, he's no less been keeping himself pretty busy. The Escape shortfilm was a blast last Fall and now with a premiere date in the works for gaming platform, Steam, a brand new project is well on the way in a series of experimental shortfilms and judging by the first trailer itself, it appears he's off to a spectacular start.

Point in fact, while what you see now hailed as Oats Studios: Volume One will be accessible as a means of revenue for the studio, it's moreso meant as a conversation starter for Blomkamp and fans of his work to discuss various concepts and see what can be expanded and built on. That being said, there's no clear plot info but the imagery is clear as day immersing our tale in a post-apocalyptic setting, swarms of destruction and military might, and a young girl's brush with alien life. 

Personally I can't think of a better, more feasible and productive way to garner attention on the matter. Blomkamp's affinity toward manifesting his own extraterrestials and entertaining narratives deserves major payoff and if Fox won't give it to him...well, it's their loss, methinks.

Check out the trailer below and subscribe to Oats Studios for more!


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