LOGAN: Walmart Exclusive 4K Blu-Ray Special Features Announced

Director James Mangold's Spring hit, Logan, is still a thing going into May as fans await the pending one-day re-release of Logan Noir, a re-graded black and white version. May 16 is the date by when fans of the film can also expect its arrival on Digital HD a week before its planned 4K, Ultra HD and Blu-Ray release on May 23 which will also contain the aforementioned black and white version of the movie.

Additionally, the Blu-Ray will be made exclusively available to Walmart consumers, and with other ample special features to accomodate the Blu-Ray package. This, as reported by THR on Tuesday includes a nine-poster set commemorating actor Hugh Jackman's 17 year span as the famed Marvel superhero (which piece together an official poster as seen in this video), as well as commentary from Mangold for the film as well as the Blu-Ray's deleted scenes, and the behind-the-scenes documentary, Making Logan.

Logan opened back in March following its riproaring festival debut in Berlin in February. The film casts Jackman's final devoted performance as the semi-immortal mutant who, in a seperate timeline apart from the intial X-Men saga and following The Wolverine in 2013, whips out his claws one last time to save a young group of mutant runaways, among which include a mysterious girl who shares similarites with his own powers.

If you haven't seen the film yet, it's definitely deeper than how I described it, and especially if you take The Wolverine into account. Otherwise, definitely keep your schedule clear for May 16 as I among the numerous others promise you won't be sorry. Otherwise check back with your nearest Walmart outlet or pre-order your Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD package release before May 23!


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