Kim Ok-Vin Is Absolutely Killer In The Official Trailer For THE VILLAINESS!

Director and stunt veteran Jung Byung-Gil's new action thriller, The Villainess, is already primed for releases beyond South Korea, and much to his credit as a director who seemingly wasn't keen on eating up the narrative that female-driven action titles don't sell.
"I always like doing the opposite of what people tell me to do." he tells Variety. "Put it this way: People say an action film led by an actress won’t work, but maybe that simply means no one tries it. I thought this was the right time to go for it myself."
Freshly off from premiering at Cannes in the past week, the film couldn't arrive at a better time than during a summer in which we have at least two big female-led action titles. For this, we can assuredly add actress and martial artist Kim Ok-Vin to the marquee, starring here as a woman whose killer past catches up to her newfound future as a happily married woman.

Also starring are actors Shin Ha-Kyun and Sung Joon for the film's June 8 release and on that note, we now have a full trailer unleashing full-on hellfire and bladed weaponry with a staunch talent front and center. I'm long sold on this movie myself and I'm hard-pressed to believe no one else who pays attention to the genre is.

Check out the trailer below.


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