KILLERMAN Nabs Liam Hemsworth To Star

If a title like Killerman doesn't get your attention in search of action movie news, I don't know what will. Actor Liam Hemsworth (The Expendables 2, Independence Day: Resurgence) is reportedly on deck to star in the film from a script by Cash Only helmer Malik Bader.

Described as a visceral action thriller, Killerman sees Hemsworth as Moe Diamond, a small-time money launderer who finds himself on the run from a horde of gangsters and dirty cops when a deal goes awry and his escape results in a freak accident that renders him an amnesiac.

THR reports that filming is slated for August with John and Michael Schwarz producing along with The Solution's Myles Nestel. Executive producing is Lisa Wilson over at The Solution who is fully financing and handling international rights for the film's Cannes presentation while WME handles domestic rights.


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