Help Robin Hood And His Ragtag Team Of Legendary Badasses Get Medieval For THE SIEGE!

You're forgiven for being a little apprehensive when you're introduced to a film that promises Raid-like expectations. Some titles make the cut while others fall may short, and nowadays you'll find lead actor and producer Paul Allica lending his own effort to measure with the new period action thriller, The Siege.

This one promises a story featuring an assortment of notable medieval heroes and Arthurian legends led by the English folkloric outlaw himself, Robin Hood, as they descend unto a castle dead set on hunting down the sheriff of Nottingham. The concept further bolsters an Expendables-style feel by way of A Knight's Tale and other medieval tropes therein for a bold production hopefully starting later this year.
After the brutal murder of his mother at the hand of the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood vows revenge. However, this is not a fight he can win alone - first he must learn to fight with and trust others.  
Advised and mentored by the reclusive mystic, Merlin, Robin gathers a team of outcasts, mavericks and fugitives, each of whom holds a grudge and an extreme skill to help bring down the tyrannical sheriff. 
Working together they rally the dispirited villagers to prepare for an assault on the castle The Sheriff of Nottingham shelters in.  
The Siege combines adventure, thrills and even a touch of romance in a non-stop action story that will excite and entertain in equal measure.
As such, you can learn tons more about the project, specific character descriptions ranging from origins and dialect to fighting style, and accordingly, possible perks from Allica in partnership with Shaun MacFadyen over at the film's Indiegogo campaign page which has about a month left in its crowdfunding run. The IGG page also has a sizzle trailer; it's pretty badly knit and narrated, but the vision itself looks keen on something good for fans.


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