GUNS AKIMBO: Daniel Radcliffe Cast In The New Dark Web Gladiator Action Pic

Altitude Films and Occupant Entertainment is reportedly aiming toward Cannes with their latest action thriller, Guns Akimbo. Actor Daniel Radcliffe, recently seen on the set of Jesper Ganslandt's Beast Of Burden is set to star in the film with Deathgasm helmer James Lei Howden directing.

Radcliffe will star from Howden's screenplay as Miles, an ordinary guy who is forced to compete in a violent, gladiator-like darkweb Viking tournament against other heavily armed opponents to save his kidnapped girlfriend. Occupant's Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino are producing while Hyperion's Michael Mailis and Altitude's Will Clarke and Andy Mayson will executive produce.

per Variety:
“Jason Lei Howden is an incredibly talented new filmmaker, who with ‘Guns Akimbo’ delivers a commercial action film that is original, fresh and gives us unique and exciting characters. We are convinced that audiences will love to discover Daniel Radcliffe as Miles,” Neurauter said.


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