GOD OF WAR: Watch The Newest Trailer For Gordon Chan's Period War Actioner

I can't speak too highly of what we're sampling these days in director Gordon Chan's new movie, God Of War. It looks pretty dull and unappealing and doesn't really boast anything slick or eye-popping, although I suppose the additions of Vincent Zhao, Sammo Hung and Kurata Yasuaki for this 16th century tale of Chinese soldiers battling Japanese pirates helps with the much-needed fan service a bit.
The legend of the famous Chinese military general of the Ming dynasty, Qi Jiguang, who leads the Ming forces to defend the eastern coast of China from raids by the Japanese pirates. During the late Ming period, corruption within the local government and repeated invasions at the Chinese coast left soldiers in low morale and local villagers living in misery. General Qi, together with Yu Dayou, stepped in with their recruitment of three thousand Yiwu villagers. In just a few days of disciplined trainingby drilling, using advanced weapons and fine tactical deployment, came the first ever “special forces” - also known as the famous “Qi Army”.
The film is gearing up for a release in China on May 27 with other territories pending. Looking past all else, it's great to see Zhao again as rare as we get to see him on camera these days and God Of War will hopefully service the masses much better in its delivery than at present.

Check out the new subtitled trailer below!


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