Cuong Seven Goes Superhuman In The Official Trailer For Vietnamese Actioner, LOI BAO

With plenty of reason to believe 2017 won't be the last we hear from Blood Letter helmer Victor Vu, the Vietnamese-American filmmaker's latest, Loi Bao, already looks quite the contender in Asian action cinema with none other than actor Cuong Seven in the lead role. The film is poised for an October release moved a month from earlier reports of a September date, and now has an official trailer to show for its efforts.

That being said, there aren't any plot specifics being made publically available (at least none that I can find in English yet), although the English subtitles do allow a bit more for absorption. This, plus a story seeming of a man back from the verge of death who takes on a new identity and is suddently imbued with superb fighting and athletic skills and the ability to lift a car with his bare hands...

I'm pretty sure this his peaked the interest of people. Check out the trailer below!


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