CIBLE: Geoffrey Thompson Seeks Stone-Cold Vengeace In Danny Leysner's Brutal New Action Short

If Dutch music video director Danny Leysner's debut endeavor teaches you nothing else, it'll teach you that good talent is where you find it. Credited actor and stunt professional Joey Ansah (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist) found it in Amsterdam last year upon meeting Leysner along with Netherlandic up-and-comer, actor Geoffrey Thompson as they and theirs mixed and stirred together a worthy formula for something delightful both in concept, and now on film with the arrival of the new revenge thriller, Cible.
Co-written by Leysner and Cinematographer, Bram Breukelman, Cible tells the story of a prolific underworld enforcer who has left the 'game' in pursuit of love and a new life. This reality is shattered by a brutal execution of the enforcer and his girlfriend by his former employer. Our protagonist miraculously survives a bullet in the brain, but not without lasting damage; he is psychologically haunted by the trauma he suffered yet is unable to feel physical pain..a lethal cocktail for a man with nothing left to live for other than vengeance.
Also starring are actress Maud Visser and actors Jos Smit and Jermaine Martis with action sequences directed and choreographed by Ansah and with Katrina Durden assisting.

Press play and let's all welcome Thompson and co. in our good graces, shall we?


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