BLACK WATER: Van Damme And Lundgren Double Team In The First Official Trailer

I had a feeling that the most recent trailer for the new JCVD/Dolph Lundgren actioner, Black Water, was leaked. That sort of stuff I don't tolerate and so ACE Entertainment now has its own trailer which I'll kindly share below.
A CIA operative (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is imprisoned in a secret black site on board a nuclear submarine. With the help of a new ally (Dolph Lundgren) he must make his escape and clear his name before he disappears forever.
The film was announced at the top of the year and I was always confounded as to why it took weeks for award-winning cinematographer Pasha Patriki's name to be officially named as director. No biggie though. What matters is that the film is on its way for 2018 and the fanboys couldn't be more excited as it reunites two of the genre's biggest names sharing credits such as three Universal Soldier films, and Simon West's The Expendables 2.

Rounding out the cast are Patrick Kilpatrick, Jasmine Waltz and Kris Van Damme from a script by Chad Law who last wrote Van Damme's 2011 pic, 6 Bullets. Check out the Black Water trailer below!


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