Because Six Live-Action RESIDENT EVIL Movies Weren't Enough, A Reboot Is In The Works!

I can't be too bothered with Screen Gems's Resident Evil movies of the last...what... the last seventeen years? Personally I've only seen maybe four of them and as forgettable and copycat they've been with some of the action set-pieces I sort of stopped caring, as much as I love Milla Jovovich too.

That said, I'm sure the franchise has had plenty going for itself otherwise it wouldn't have amassed more than $1.2 billion dollars at the global box office. Apparently however, that's not enough for the studio who now tells Variety that a reboot with ANOTHER SIX MOVIES is in the works as confirmed by Germany-based Constantin Film chairman of the board Martin Moszkowicz while at Cannes.

The film franchise takes its cues from the 1996 Capcom video game which currently has 27 installments. Constantin had a hand in producing each of the films featuring Jovovich as nomadic superhuman warrior, Alice, who among a revolving door of heroes and anti-heroes, fought swarms of zombies originally sparked by the outbreak of a biochemical virus housed at a facility branded under the Umbrella Corporation. The involvement of Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all six films and directed four, remains uncertain as he prepares to helm Monster Hunter as of November.

Plot and production details on the Resident Evil reboot remain pending, and for the record, I'm not wholly against this reboot as long as these people actually decide to include a more cohesive story, as well as some original and better filmed and edited action sequences instead of spoonfeeding me re-enactments of my favorite scenes from The Matrix. Otherwise, I fear I'll be this blunt about it for a longer time than preferred.

On a seperate note, the CG-animated Resident Evil titles look pretty badass, so I might be renting them at some point in the near future. Beyond that, what do you guys think of a live-action reboot? Comment below!


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