ALIEN B Is What Happens When The Wrong Dreams Come True

German martial arts action and film production troupe, Reel Deal Action, will make its feature debut in the new action comedy, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A in less than three weeks. For this, stars Can Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon, Phong Giang and Eugene Boateng have been pounding the pavement since debuting the first trailer back in February, and with a variety of comedy shorts featuring our core cast in character.

Their latest now has the four in a theatrical setting in what ensues into an all-out parking lot brawl with facehuggers - an apt use of 20th Century Fox's ownership of the Alien rights one might add. Michael Popescu directs the short as well as so for the upcoming movie with co-helmer Ufuk Genc with a story centered on a quartet of audition-hungry action star wannabes who stumble into the wrong place and time and are forced to fight their way through Berlin's criminal underbelly for their freedom.

Rounding out the cast are Henry Meyer, Julia Dietze, Florian Kleine, Laurent Daniels and Gedeon Burkhardt, with Mike Moeller, K1 fighter Aristote Luis and Hollywood stuntwoman, martial artist and actress Heidi Moneymaker.

Enjoy the short and hold onto your nuts (for those that apply) and check out a recently-unveiled clip from the film which also comes attached to the first trailer (click here for an English-subbed version).


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