AH, KOYA: Touch Gloves And Get Ready To Rumble In The First Teaser For Kishi's Boxing Drama Twofer

If boxing dramas are your thing, then you can attribute your latest query to Terayama Shuji, author of the 1966 novel, Ah, Koya. Actors Suda Masaki and Yang Ik-June take the lead in the film adaptation set in a not-too-distant future Shinjuku in Tokyo where a troubled youth and a stuttering recluse meet in a boxing gym - a succession in overcoming their own personal odds...

(Suddenly I feel like watching Crying Fist again.)

Ah, Koya was adapted for the screen by Minato Takehiko, and helmer Kishi Yoshiyuki - the latter who reunites with Suda in this, their second outing of three - the third being an immediate sequel in the form of Ah, Koya 2. Both respectively open in Japan on October 7 and October 21.

Check out the first teaser below!


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