WARRIORS OF THE DAWN Sets The Stage For Battle In The First Trailer

The title appears to be subject to further change but 20th Century Fox Korea is bookmarking their latest period epic, Jeong Yoon-Chul's Warriors Of The Dawn (formerly The Proxy Soldiers) with gritty action and drama now visbile in the first trailer this week. For this, we have actor Lee Jung-Jae leading the 1592-set tale about an intermediate army of mercenaries assigned to escort the King's son on a perilous joruney that could determine the fate of the country.
To avoid invading Japanese forces, King Seonjo leaves for the Ming dynasty and abandons his people in the process. In his place, Prince Gwanghae leads the royal court. Meanwhile, To-Woo leads the Daerib forces that consist of those who are paid to serve in the military on behalf of others.
Lee is joined by actor Yeo Jin-Goo in the role of the prince with Kim Mu Yeol, Bae Soo-Bin, Park Won-Sang and actress Lee Som with a release set for May 31 in Korea and other territories pending.

Watch the new trailer below.


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