TOKYO GHOUL Teases Duality In The Latest Official Poster

In keeping up with the spirit of live-action adaptation overload, actor Kubota Masataka is the latest addition to the list of those heading a film of his own with the new movie, Tokyo Ghoul. Directed by Hagiwara Kentaro, the film takes its cues from Ishida Sui's 2011 horror manga and subsequent anime and is set to release on July 29 from Shochiku, as indicated by the most recent poster now making the rounds.

The artwork comes following the above teaser recent earlier this month nodding at the story of Kankei Ken, a University student whose near-fatal close call with a human-eating ghoul transforms him into a half-human ghoul himself, drawing him into a world that exists beneath the normal veneer. Actress Shimizu Fumika in her final role before retiring plays Kirishima Touka, the young woman who reluctantly aids Kankei and helps him adapt to his new life and his newfound abilities.

The teaser itself has drawn some great responses and I'm still yet to familiarize myself with the source material. Still, my fingers are crossed for a hopeful release beyond Japan cinemas soon, and since the initial story evolves into later sequels, I'm personally open to those as well.

Check out the fresh artwork below!


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