There's A Bullet Coming For The Cast Of Beat Takeshi's OUTRAGE: FINAL CHAPTER In The First Official Teaser

Ready to see actor and acclaimed auteur "Beat" Kitano Takeshi dump the live-action anime hairdo? If so, you may be pleased to learn that his award-winning two-part Outrage series of gangster thrillers now has a third in tow with Outrage: Final Chapter.

Kitano, no less, sits at the helm as well as reprises in the role of Otomo, a once disavowed Yakuza subordinate who wages vengeance against those who had him imprisoned between the events of the first two films. This one sees our saga extending from Japan to Korea with a cast both new and returning, although what remains to be known in detail is what lies ahead for ensuing finale.

That said, with so many dead Yakuza, courrpt officials and manipulative police in its wake, the first official teaser arrived on Monday and it's safe to say that the likelihood of this one being any less violent than its predecessors is just about nil. Outrage: Final Chapter opens on October 7 this year from Warner Bros. Japan and on that note, peep the footage below along with the first two bits of promo art!


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