THE PURGE Is Heading To Television

Blumhouse is already setting course for a 2018 outing with New Purge Chapter, the fourth purge film in association with Universal Pictures and Platinum Dunes. With franchise creator and solo helmer James DeMonaco serving only as writer for the new film, plans are not yet known on how that will bode but the franchise has been a commercial success at the box office through and through with a dystopian narrative placing American in a futuristic survival nightmare where the government issues a one-night anniversary of nationwide leagalized crime to sustain low criminal activity rates every year.

As it turns out, Blumhouse has also staked itself interest in standing as an independent production shingle for television, here and now in partnership with ITV for a spate of shows and concepts. It just so happens that The Purge, according to a new report at Deadline is one of them with word that DeMonaco is joining with Blumhouse Television, Platinum Dunes Universal Cable Productions to develop the series for networks USA and Syfy, focusing on an entirely new chapter of the sprawling saga. Sebastien K. Lemercier, who is also producing the July 4, 2018 movie will executive produce the series.


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