THE HIT LIST: April 3, 2017

My weekend saw a MAJOR curveball regarding my android phone, folks. So, if you've been following me on Instagram and haven't heard anything, now you know why.

Needless to say, I have somewhat returned to normalcy and, preferably, in kickass fashion with The Hit List. Actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator John Kreng lights things up this week with an illustrious new work reel chock-filled with stunt action and interview segments he's done over the years with the likes of Cynthia Rothrock, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez and Keith Vitali. Rounding out the Hit List are reels by Jade Dregorius, Bruce Concepcion, Ariel Lee, Connor Dunn, Malin Kirjonen, Simon Potter, Rosslyn Luke, Gaetan Geloen, Natasha Paul, Noah Schultz, Alli Dunn, Narayana Cabral, Katie O'Donovan and all-around stuntmascot, Zoltan Berencsi.

Peep it!

Next up are four new trailers; Leading off are two channel trailers by way of two of France's finest, Cedric Tellier and Kefi Abrikh. I've been following Tellier for a few years now and most of his output is either between filmmaking and photography, and so he hasn't been in front of the camera for sometime now. With the launch of his latest tutorial series, Martial Way which will comprises of how-to's and some cinematic jewels of his own, that's about to change. Thereafter, we meet Abrikh front and center, a man whose stunt reels and IMDb credits speak for themselves, in addition to his credentials as a film combat instructor hosting his own classes at Leroy Jean-Baptiste's Lee Fight School in the Bonnelles area of France.

I seriously hope there are people in France who read my site! 😄

The remaining two trailers as follows include the promo for the upcoming roaring twofer sequels for Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope from Robot Underdog in association with Z-Team Films (Die Fighting), and Marcelo Mayen's forthcoming NYC premiere of Bullock The Bruiser which you can read more about by clicking here!

Down the wire, we've come to another raft of cool test fight action sequences from around the web for all you MA fight scene junkies, as well as a couple of shortfilms to boot. Tony Vo and T. Ryan Mooney starts things off neatly with solid screenfighting reels of their own followed by a serviceable reupload of a classic test fight directed by Shaun Charney and featuring Micah Brock, Jimmy Chhiu and Anna Kristina Ranoso, and some comedic backyard action with Kiera O'Connor and Armand Rabanal. Bob Beck leads a John Wick-inspired action comedy bit in the form of Bob Wick before we dip into a slick new brutal action vid by Emmanuel Manzanares with Michael Lehr and Bryan Sloyer, Winnipeg-based Afolabi Ojolola with 3-minute action short, Lotion (note the post-credits scene), and filmmaker Devin Supertramp with his latest freerunning bid, Jurassic Park Meets Parkour In Real Life, featuring principles Calen Chan, Ninja Nate in costume, and Megan Graham.

Rounding out the playlist is the latest from The Milton And Glenn Show YouTube Channel in wake of Lionsgate's Power Rangers film release with How The Power Rangers Movie Should Have Ended...only this one ends with a series of bizzare romantic squabbles, duckface and downright robbery... I guess we all have our tastes!

The channel teased this project last month with a short preview by way of its intro, and now, gladly, dives into the fray with fun action and humor while completely turning Ranger fandom on its head. Fun times!

Enjoy the playlist!

Last and far from least is a music video that now stands even moreso as one of global action star Tony Jaa's lifelong accomplishments. Directed by HeadQuarters, Groundbreaking is the name of the song and is sung almost entirely in Thai, though it won't be too difficult to make out what's happening. It's the vibe that matters, as well as Jaa's veracity as an entertainer that fans around the world love. Simple as that.


Before I continue any further, I would just like to send my thanks to those of you who have stuck by Film Combat Syndicate and have enjoyed the weekly Hit List and its growth. As always, last week's entries are up for grabs if you missed but please feel free to share with friends who love cinematic action and subscribe to the channels as well.

Moreover, if you or someone you know knows how to throw cool action together on film or has a meaty, worthwhile project or stunt reel that needs an audience pick up, shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to judge for ourselves!


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