THE HIT LIST: April 24, 2017

Well, I spent most of my weekend relaxing as much as possible after covering what I could on Saturday. That includes my second interview with actor/producer/director Alexander Nevsky which you can check out here...

...on top of covering this week's picks and entries for the Hit List now online and ready to go with a stunt reel playlist that brings us Luis Vallardes, John Cihangir, Amanda Voll, Don Gough, Jonathan Nickerson, Kyle Glenn, Ellette Craddock, Hans Marrero and an updated new stunt reel by Patrick King. Rounding out thd playlist is actor and martial artist, the one and only Gary Daniels with a tribute reel from last month by Tony Coates!

There isn't much to tease this week except two items: First, we now have an image which you can view below courtesy of filmmaker Trent Dickens, hard at work with the current production of crowdfunded shortfilm, Panda - basically the story of one guy's trippy night out, ensuing in one big, violent, dilapidated, drunken, high, fk'd up binge fest behind a panda mask. The pic below is but a vague glimpse of the neo-noir thriller filmed at night on the streets of Biloxi, Mississippi with more news and info awaiting as things stand. The second item brings us a trailer for Narayana Cabral's latest inspired fan film directing effort, Power Rangers: The Search For Tommy.

Time to wind down with a raft of action jewels from the web! First up, however, is the one we've kept seperate for a reason per our earlier coverage as we now exclusively present Eric Nguyen's quick new action comedy interlude, Of Martial Arts And Men: Enter The Dojang. Enter The Dojo's own Matt Page joins in as Master Ken with reprising actors Irvin Nguyen and Mickey Arce in this, the second of a now forthcoming shortfilm trilogy which started in 2015. Cue the laughs, cheapshots and pomposity!

Now it's off to the choice picks of this week in online action with Morten Yong and Kristian Mogensen kicking things off briefly before a group outing over at DC Stunt Coalition with Felix Cortes and Philippe Deseck following suit with his own test fight treatment featuring Jono Tai Wong and Kenny Low, and Justin Clarke battling it out with Mounir Quazzani and his fight-happy clones!

Online martial arts instructor and debut actor Master Wong kicks it up some thereafter with a quick fight interlude promoting his latest feature-length endeavor on The Real Target from acting/production duo David Cheng and Yolanda Lynes while Kenny Wong lenses Stephanie Vovou's Big Sis Beatdown with Dan Carter and Warren Hull, and stunt player Luc Antoine headlines his latest get-together with UK Fight Design for La Main De La Mort.

Nathan Barris and Ciprian Florian keep things going with their new action short, The Drop-Off, before Kate Petersen gets some early morning running and fisticuffs with Joel Coryell for lensman Mason Sharrow, and actress Inanna Sarkis blows her cover in her January-released action spy comedy short, Secret Life. Closing things out are Rising Tiger Films with an inspired action comedy ode to behind-the-scenes wrestling fandom in Beyond The Squared Circle, and filmmaker and martial artist Kevin Barille with Sebastian Olla in probably one of the best pieces of found-footage style thrillers you'll see in Black Magic: A Sebastian Rose Street Magic Special.


Just so you guys know, there's a good chance I'll be taking a week off from the Hit List on May 1. It's largely due to the need to catch up on things the weekend prior and it may also allow time for more projects to accumulate seeing as how it's been a little slow. This could be a good thing! It's not official yet but I will make an announcement on the evening of April 30.

However, do not let that hesitate you from sending us info on your shortfilm projects and stuntreels. If they're cool, kick-ass and you think they deserve a place in the hit list, contact us in the slide-out menu at the top left of this page or email us here at! And for good measure, last week's entries are still up for grabs HERE!


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