THE HIT LIST: April 17, 2017

My not-weekend was indeed such. I did not one, not two, but three reviews, and frankly I'm surprised I even managed to get the Hit List done.

So there, I've amazed myself whereas the following stunt performers and creatives below inducted into this week's Hit List will do so tenfold. Alex Chansky dons his share of superheroics and thick skin in his latest action packed reel followed by Kate Petersen, Yavuz Topuz, Jessie Simpson and the incomparable Christopher Leps. Adair Moran gets a bit of height in for her newest reel next to that of the 'Chemist' himself, Jason Ng, with Nick Shuhan, weapons grade badasses Tien Hoang and Mike Moeller, Matt Shadden, Julia Maggio, Patrick King, Joshua Romeo, and stellar fight choreographer and all-around impressario Olivier Schneider rounding out the first, jam-packed stunt playlist, queued and ready to go!

There's only one item to promote in this segment and for that, in case you missed our exclusive last week on Eric Nguyen's forthcoming Lunar Stunts shortfilm endeavors with the Of Martial Arts And Men trilogy, feel free to peep the images below with Enter The Dojo's own Matt Page joining the universe as his popular on screen persona, AmeriDoTe pioneer Master Ken! (Read more HERE!)

Now let's finish this playlist with a bang and for this, we have K Dynamique, and sword pugilists Katie Pucillo and Tanna Mayer ringing in some test fight action of their own followed by Lunar Stunts's own Irvin Nguyen and Mickey Arce clashing light sabres for the fate of the universe, and Marcus Shakesheff's bloody, epic battle as Batman against the Easter bunny. Things take a compelling and dramatic turn from there for the next video sent to us courtesy of Fred Nguyen with Grip Of Death, a kung fu comedy that is sure to have you holding onto your junk for dear life. Fred calls them "giggleberries"...which is a first for me. Hilarity.

Last and far from least is director Daniel Anthony with the new action comedy short, Comic Wars: Kaomic which follows two comic book nerds pressured by their boss and forced to escape into their imaginative world to overcome their fears. David Neyts, Louis Easton, Marty Hrejsa, Erica Jean and Brahim Rachiki star among the action-talented cast. I never got to finish this one before editing after my busy weekend, but it definitely doles out its share of zany comedy and silliness and I'll definitely check it out on my own time. Beyond that, I'm walking by faith here that you'll possibly enjoy that one.

Check it all out!

Last week's Hit List is still alive and kicking if you need more hits to whet your indie action appetite. Check it out and support the channels, and if you have an equally cool project you think deserves a spotlight in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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