Peep The International Artwork For Jung Byoung-Gil's New Action Thriller, THE VILLAINESS

Actress Kim Ok-Vin is currently poised to claim her spotlight at Cannes next month. Styled somewhat in the vein of La Femme Nikita, her newest starring venture, The Villainess, is well on the way toward a Midnight screening in May following its announcement earlier this month and with her own hapkido and taekwondo training in mind, a role well-suited in the hands of Confession Of Murder helmer, Seoul Action School's own Jung Byoung-Gil.
Sook-hee, who was raised as a killer, has her revenge on unidentified men who murdered her husband. However, as she exits, she loses her consciousness and is brought to National Intelligence Service. NIS suggests her to live as a secret agent with new identity as Yeon-soo for confidential missions. At first, she refuses but as she notices her pregnancy, she decides to take the job. She gets fond of her new life as she meets Hyun-soo and dreams of forming a new family. On their wedding, Yeon-soo gets a new mission and it shakes everything.
The film's circulation comes just as the actress has signed with Huayi Brothers, and with stout praise for her previous performances in films like The Voice (2005) and Park Chan-wook's fantasy romance thriller, Thirst (2009). A June release is currently in tow while hopeful acquisition news will further things a bit for audiences outside Korea. Actors Shin Ha-Gyun and Sung Joon also star.

Check out the international poster below!


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