Paul Mormando Throws Down In The Official Trailer For Indie Martial Arts Thriller, BOUND BY DEBT,

In the few years following his efforts with Double Fist, actor and Cha Ki Do founder Paul Mormando (King Of The Kickboxers) has continued his independent push in film and now signals that effort with his newest movie, Bound By Debt. Wife and film partner Anna Mormando scores her directorial debut for the new crime pic which sees the martial artist as Dylan, a pit fighter for the mob with no choice but to get back in the game when his former boss uses his gambling-addicted brother, Robert and his wife children as leverage.

Also starring are Bobby Ciasulli, Nikki Silva (Lyco) and Alexis Mormando with actor Samuel DiFiore, and hailing from C+C Music Factory fame, Freedom Williams for the film's pending December 2017 release. The latest trailer finally arrived and while it isn't very solid on introducing its principle cast in the course of its narrative, it does go hard and heavy on action and brutality as one would expect or hope from action thriller accordingly. Check it out below!


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