Opinion: The 'Fate' Of Scott Adkins And The FAST AND FURIOUS Saga

The hardcore fanbase cheering on martial arts action star Scott Adkins were vociferous in support of him obtaining a role in the months leading to the seventh installment of the Fast franchise, Furious Seven. Ultimately it never came to fruition, nor did the attempts to cheer him on for the role of Batman as it stands with Ben Affleck having earned his appeal with most fans now in lieu of Justice League and The Batman.

I guess one other question remains now: Could Adkins snag a role this time in the forthcoming ninth installment following the pivot taken in The Fate Of The Furious this month? Well, I guess that will depend on what the studio plans for it first, although to be frank, there's no reason why they shouldn't, and there's plenty of potential to go on. Gray's film still leaves you wanting to learn more about Charlize Theron's role as Cypher, as well as what remains to be seen with the current handling of Statham's portrayal of Decard Shaw next to the newly added Dame Helen Mirren who plays the venerable Mrs. Shaw.

Several articles online are already hinting that we may even meet Mr. Shaw as we delve further into the enigmatic Shaw sibs as it mingles into the family narrative being evolved by Universal as we speak for the last two films being slated for April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2021, respectively. In my humble opinion, the possibilities here are near-endless with what could very well lead to a new challenge for our protagonists with new villains, and even a potential role for Adkins who already has a good foot in as of late next to Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Give Adkins a possible principal villain role next to Theron and we could have a second offering between him and the Stath, and with ample opportunity for a much more memorable fight scene between both action movie proponents following the hurdlez the two faced while filming their action scene in The Expendables 2. Besides, next to high-speed car chases and automotive destruction, the Fast saga thrives on martial arts and screenfighting talent, and we know this to be true with the likes of Joe Taslim and Tony Jaa having had their own grab at the Fast spotlight in Furious 6 and Furious Seven.

Adkins should be a shoe-in for this franchise and I suppose Universal has two more movies to decide if and how that could and/or would work. Right now he's filming Triple Threat with an epic cast in Thailand, and he's already bolstering with the promise of three other pending releases including Savage Dog, Accident Man, Incoming and Boyka: Undisputed, all of which, and with necessity in reminding, NEED your monetary support.

Be sure to read my review of The Fate Of The Furious. For all else, stay tuned for more info and comment below with an answer to the following question: Would you like to see Scott Adkins in the next Fast And Furious movie? Let us know your thoughts?


  1. I like to see JCVD to have a part in The Fast and Furious and also have a part in The Avengers 3 movie


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