KILLER PROFILE: A Word With Actress Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken in Black Rose
The past year or so have lended an ample opportunity to familiarize myself with the work of actor and producer Alexander Nevsky in lieu of his upcoming April 28 U.S. release, Black Rose. The film marks his directorial debut wherein he also stars in a formula slightly different from his usually known action star persona from his film career in Russia, and joined by none other than actress Kristanna Loken.

With the film a little over a week away from its limited theatrical release courtesy of ITN, we've already had the pleasure of sharing questions with one of the film's guest stars, actor Matthias Hues in which he delves deeply into his career history, progression and plans for the future. The same goes for Loken who now takes center stage in this week's interview following Hues which also briefly highlights something interesting about the new movie, as well as a little about herself in the years since making strides as the formidable cybernetic supervillain in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines and recent projects like Black Rose, Attack On Darfur and Mercenaries.

Thus, I was granted the opportunity to send her some questions with the help of Roman at marketing firm, Bronson Agency. She has since replied, and I thank Ms. Loken in advance for sharing a piece of her career progress with our readership.

Film Combat Syndicate: Greetings Kristanna Loken and congratulations on the U.S. release of Black Rose. How has 2017 been for you so far?
Kristanna Loken: 2017 has had a great start to the year. My son Thor is thriving, and I’m excited about the launch of my production company, Trio Entertainment. 
FCSyndicate: For starters, how did you get into acting?
KL: I was always interested in acting since I was a little, tiny girl. I loved performing in the theater, studying dance, and singing. My father had done some acting and I met with his agent when I was 13, that started my professional career.
FCSyndicate: My first intro to you as an actress was with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3 which I had fun with. Is there anything you miss about playing a badass killer cyborg?
KL: Since T3 I have been blessed with many “badass” roles, none of which were quite like TX. I feel that role will live with me for the rest of my life, and there is not a day that goes by without a memory or reminder of my participation in that film.
FCSyndicate: Tell us how you got involved with Black Rose, and tell us about your role in the movie.
KL: I met with Alexander and really liked what he had to say about his vision for “Black Rose”. I enjoyed the script, and my character “Emily Smith”. She is a new police profiler who joins the case and is Nevsky’s partner. “Emily" has a lot of empathy for the victims which fuels her drive to find the killer.
FCSyndicate: You have some pretty intense scenes nearing the third act of the film as the plot thickens. How challenging was this film for you? And was there anything specific you focused on while preparing for the role?
KL: I really wanted to bring a lot of heart to the character. For the first time in her police career, she experiences women being murdered under her watch. I actually watched real female beheading videos to deeply experience and feel what it would be like for the women who were getting murdered. This was extremely painful and difficult.
FCSyndicate: You and Alexander Nevsky looked like you both had a really great time together on set. What was it like while working each other and the rest of the cast?
KL: Alexander is a wonderful human being, and has become a good friend. We had a great time working together, as I did with the rest of the cast.
FCSyndicate: Have you and Nevsky spoken about reconvening back on set for another?
KL: Yes, we have spoken about potentially doing a “Black Rose” 2.
FCSyndicate: Is there a role you haven't played yet on film or in television but would like the opportunity to? Any chance of you sitting in the director's seat?
KL: With the inception of Trio Entertainment, I’m very excited to produce, act and potentially direct. I would like to play a character that is so different from myself that I can’t identify with her at all. This would be a wonderful challenge and opportunity.
FCSyndicate: I'm curious. What are some of your favorite films to date? And are there any titles you look forward to catching this year?
KL: I love good war movies like “Apocalypse Now”, and “Full Metal Jacket”.  On the softer side I like,  “The English Patient”. A comedy I love is “Sideways”. I also watch anything and everything with Helen Mirren, she’s my favorite.
FCSyndicate: What's next for Kristanna Loken?
KL: Enjoying motherhood, and building Trio. We have some exciting projects that are heating up for our company.
FCSyndicate: Alexander challenges you to an arm-wrestling match. Who wins?!
KL: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but Alexander definitely!
Kristanna Loken (front) and Alexander Nevsky (rear) in Black Rose
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