HIT LIST HEAD'S UP: Master Ken Joins Lunar Stunts For The OF MARTIAL ARTS AND MEN Shortfilm Trilogy

EXCLUSIVE: The week is not without its exasperation at times as I gather a good share of stunt reels, demos and shortfilms for weekly installments of The Hit List. Challenging, sure, but it certainly guarantees some of the most fun I have every week and frankly what makes it so enjoyable are some of the projects and creators themselves, especially if I vouched for them personally. With filmmaker and action director Eric Nguyen in this instance, I'd gladly do that ten times over.

Fall back to late 2015 when Nguyen presented martial arts fans with the 16-minute action comedy, Of Martial Arts And Men, pitting Lunar Stunts principles, actors Irvin Nguyen and Mickey Arce at the center of an underdog tale about about a struggling martial arts teacher's last ditch effort to save his school with the help of his newest student. The shortfilm is already one of a multitude of projects comprising the body of work left now in Nguyen's wake as a director on the independent scene and with a career that continues to flourish, though I'm personally pining for the day a studio hires him to present his own feature with a proper budget seeing as how he's more than earned it.

Until then, we can all look forward to more amazing content via the Lunar Stunts Action Cinema channel on YouTube. And, Lo and behold, Nguyen is ready to include a second offering in his repetoire there with Of Martial Arts And Men: Enter The Dojang which goes live on Tuesday, April 25. Plot details are being kept low key but you might also be keen on two things - ONE: that IS actor Matthew Page reprising his Enter The Dojo martial arts persona, Master Ken in our batch of exclusive stills and BTS photos below, and TWO: The sequel will carry through the OMA&M shortfilm trilogy for which its larger scale third is already in development with Page set to return in addition to the cast, as well as stunt player and actor Allen Quindiagan.

Check out the first installment just above our exclusive batch of stills and BTS photos below and tune into the Lunar Stunts Action Cinema channel on YouTube!

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