GUN CALIBER: SRS Cinema To Launch North American Pre-Orders This Friday!

Niche distributor SRS Cinema proudly acquired maverick tokusatsu filmmaker Bueno's lo-fi, gonzo action comedy adventure, Gun Caliber back in December. The company is now out to festivals with the film in addition to a few of its other titles and as of this week, they are also advancing consumers with pre-order options through their official website.

As such, they've presented exclusive artwork to topline the release of the film in all its unmitigated, lo-fi, unsafe-for-work-glory. A release date is still pending but I couldn't be happier to share in the excitement with the opinions of those who've screened the film in either its exclusive webserial or feature-length format, presenting a vision of Tokusatsu that literally nukes expectations.
“Get ready to shoot evil in the dick and steal its wallet! 
It is the year, 20XX AD. The evil organization known as “Skulldier” is hell-bent on taking over Japan – well, right after they finish their lunch break – with a device known as the “Gen Drive”. But one man stands in their way… Soma Kusanagi. He may be your average, miserable, Smartball Parlor employee in Tokyo’s Old Town, but when evil rears its ugly ass on the Japanese metropolis, he transforms into the gun-slinging superhero GUN CALIBER! He’s a hero who likes his bullets fast and his women even faster… a hero who can beat down evil as if it was his ex-wife! 
From the creative Filipino-Canadian mind of indie Tokusatsu director Bueno and his ragtag Tokyo based film group GARAGE HERO, “GUN CALIBER” is a drunk, sexy, euphoric, action packed, Tour-de-Force that’s so hot, you’ll wish your face could melt…”
That this indie cult classic is getting a sequel is also telling of its popularity and we'll have more on that in due time. Meanwhile you can take note of Gun Caliber's pending late 2017 release announcement and pre-order window starting this Friday at 7:00pm EST with copies expected to ship within a month.

Check out the trailer and artwork below and be sure to hit up the official website for SRS Cinema to snag your limited edition Blu-Ray or VHS copy (Yes, those!) this Friday!


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