Alexander Nevsky Thriller, BLACK ROSE, Gets An April Outing In The U.S.

Don't fall asleep on multifaceted action star/producer/director Alexander Nevsky. His latest U.S. release with the long-awaited thriller, Black Rose, is finally poised for a North American release with word of ITN Distribution's acquisition of the film hailing from Nevsky's Hollywood Storm banner.

The film, which opens in the U.S. on April 28, is a mix of what our own James Couche described in his review as, among other things, "a gutsy move for a first-time director" in his debut following a spate of locally produced action thrillers in his native Russia, and here with a more cerebral formula in the vein of Red Heat. Nevsky is joined by Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines), and actors Adrian Paul, Robert Davi and Matthias Hues for the story of a Russian police major who sets out to bolster the LAPD's investigation into a series of gruesome murders of young women in Hollywood.

“We’re excited to bring this action-filled thriller to the big screen,” said ITN Distribution’s President Stuart Alson. “The film leads audiences to many twists and turns, sending them on a thrilling ride.”

Brent Huff and George Saunders wrote the script for the film which is executive produced by Sheldon Lettich and Robert Madrid. The film currently sits as one of at least three on Nevsky's plate in which he will star with the other two being Mark Dacascos's own debut, Showdown In Manila, and Romeo Must Die helmer Andrzej Bartkowiak's Maximum Impact - both of which have Nevsky and Dacascos starring together on screen.

ITN released a trailer earlier this as a date was awaiting an official announcement. Check it out below along with the film's official poster art.

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