Trailer: THE INVINCIBLE DRAGON Breathes Hard-Hitting Action With Max Zhang And Anderson Silva

Award-winning filmmaker, writer and director Fruit Chan's latest has appeared to have undergone a change in the past week. Thus, there's new poster art now accomodating the film's updated title, The Invincible Dragon (formerly Made In Kowloon), and still with the sheer, continued promise of delivering blistering action, no less.

Conveniently the film's first official trailer doles out exactly that with action star, actor Max Zhang rising even further to prominence, playing a detective fighting to rescue his abducted fiance in the wake of a spate of serial homicides. Rounding out the cast are actress and martial artist JuJu Chan (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon : Swords of Destiny), Kevin Cheng, Stephy Tang, and Sumyau Liu, and former UFC Middleweight Champion, actor Anderson Silva (Tapped Out) with Stephen Tung (The Accidental Spy, Saving General Yang) bolstering the film's action sequences.

You can look forward to more on Zhang's endeavors with Cheung Tin-Chi from director Yuen Woo-ping as well as Steven DeKnight's Pacific Rim: Maelstrom and Jonathan Li's The Brink. In the meantime, The Invincible Dragon boasts some pretty outstanding appeal with varying dialogue to accompany the action-packed narrative. Personally, I like what I see so far.

Check it out!


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