The Third Annual ARTEMIS WOMEN IN ACTION FILM FESTIVAL Launches This April And Needs Your Help!

Any year is a good year to support women in action cinema. That's something that actress and stuntwoman Melanie Wise and her team have been working toward every year since she founded The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival in 2015 and they've returned once more for a third go-at-it for this year's events to be held in April.
The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival is back to bring you a third year of empowered and powerful kick-ass women in film!  This year women are rising with a force never seen before and we bring those stories to you.  From female action heroes and stuntwomen to female activists and businesswomen, we’re lifting up a mirror to women in the world and reflecting power.
The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival has paid homage to icons like actresses Linda Hamilton and Gina Torres and hard hitting stuntwomen like Jessie Graff and Angela Meryl, as well as Paul Feig, Tom Cruise and stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong among others. It's also the kind of event worth appreicating especially since The Academy still doesn't have the wherewithal in common sense to add a stunt category.

Thus, the four-day event kicks off at the Arya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday April 20 and continues its run from April 21 through 23 at Laemmle's Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, California, and Wise and her team need your help in the month it has left through its Indiegogo campaign to make it all happen. Perks and other rewards are abound so feel free to sift through, donate if you can and/or share it with friends and family.

More information on the festival and how to donate can be found at the official website.


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