THE TALES OF WUKONG Character Posters: Warriors, Assassins And Puppies, Oh My!

Between 2014 up to now, actor Eddie Peng has become someone I can appreciate. His most recent stint in Rise Of The Legend drew my praise as one of the best and most undeservedly undercelebrated martial arts movies by far and his body of work continues to grow with the upcoming fantasy epic, The Tales Of Wukong, inspired obviously by the titular Chinese mythic folk hero of legend, The Monkey King.

Derek Kwok sits at the helm this time around, taking cues from pen-named author Jin Zehai's 2000 novel which sees the story of three people on their way to heaven's school for their own purposes; Three characters serving centrally to the film's main narrative which will obviously encompass Peng's portrayal of the very royalty he becomes, imbued further with the power of the legendary staff that glows at the end of the first teaser we saw several months ago and as seen above.

Also starring are Shawn Yue and actresses Ni Ni and Zheng Shuang with Oho Ou, Qiao Shan, Faye Yu and Di Yang, and for some reason or another, an adorable French bulldog with its own character poster among the roster now viewable below.

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