THE PRISON Riots Online With The Official U.S. Trailer

After selling in Berlin, Na Hyeon's directorial debut, The Prison now has a release date set for March 31 in North America a week after its South Korean release. An official U.S. trailer is now live courtesy of Well Go USA and offering up a stunning sample of the epic, explosive crime and intrigue with actors Han Suk-Kyu and Kim Rae-Won leading the anarchy.

After a fatal accident, Yu-gon, a former police inspector, is sentenced to hard time in a prison he once helped fill. Once inside, he discovers the entire penitentiary is no longer controlled by the guards, but by a vicious crime syndicate that breaks out at night, using their prison sentences as the perfect alibi to commit intricate heists. Looking for revenge against the system that placed him inside, Yu-gon joins the syndicate... but with every man out for himself, how long can the perfect crime last?
Also starring are Lee Kyoung-Young, Jung Woong-In, Jo Jae-Yun, Shin Sung-Rok and Kim Sung-Kyun. Catch the trailer below!


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