The New Trailer For LAST COP: THE MOVIE Goes For The Glory!

Expect things to ramp up a bit for actor Kubota Masataka with his latest starring role in a live-action adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul this summer. Until then, you can catch him laying down the law some alongside Karasawa Toshiaki this may in the new action comedy, Last Cop: The Movie which opens in May, and now with a new trailer in its wake after airing a teaser in December.

And of all things, German TV series was the inspiration for NTV's own serial remake of it last year with Inomata Ryuichi the helm. Inomata and Kubota (Death Note TV series) reunite following their work on the show with Karasawa as they continue the story of a tough cop who awakens after a thirty year coma following the pursuit of a dangerous criminal, now back on the beat, with a young detective with a personality far different from his own.

The previous teaser wasn't much as far as teasers go but it lended an eye toward what they were going for aside from some pretty terrible CG, and the new trailer goes all-in on its message. It follows the buddy cop formula much to our delight and doles out some fun moments of action and sheer spectacle, and even a little heightened drama for good measure.

Check it out below!


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