THE HIT LIST: March 20, 2017

Well, it's been another close call but I finally managed to bring you this week's installation of The Hit List for your own viewing pleasure. Last week was crazy packed with festival news upkeep from Asia along with posting our recent inteview with actress Yadi Nieves and managing to review Mitsutake Kurando's new movie, Karate Kill, which releases this summer. Considering all this and then some, I'm ready for the weekend!

But, it IS only Monday and so too, shall the norm continue with this week's Hit List nearly packaged and ready to go, and with a new spate of stunt reels to kick things off, courtesy of a slick and sexy new stunt driving reel by stuntwoman Daylin Matthews. Rounding out the playlist are reels by Louis Sebastian, Joseph Roark, Nik Pelekai, Joe Gallina, Entony Ruscetta, Dean Gould, Noah Woods and D.L. MacDonald, and a spectacular new reel by Emmy winning stunt coordinator, stunt woman Dorenda Moore.

Onto some promotional bits this week and for this, we turn two three gems now online and the first is a clip that has been making the rounds on Facebook for sometime now. It hails from filmmaker Andres Ramirez's forthcoming efforts to further put Puerto Rico on the map for viability in martial arts programming with upcoming webseries pilot, Uncompromised, starring actor and martial artist Jose Manuel as a former criminal forced back into the underworld to rescue his brother from a deadly and dangerous bind.

Manuel and Ramirez previously collaborated on their pairing debut with Puerto Rico's first martial arts movie, El Testigo (The Witness) which became a hit in 2011, and for this, festival goers in New York City can expect to catch the premiere of the pilot this Fall during the fourth-annual Urban Action Showcase and Expo hosted by Demetrius Angelo. At current however, the series still needs funding and your support by checking out and sharing the clip will surely help grant as much in the weeks and months ahead.

Next up is a trailer for an upcoming project host to an amalgam of some of today's best and most talented stuntmen from across the globe starring in Punisher: War Zone helmer Lexi Alexander's latest project, The Fireborn. Little is publicly known about the project beyond the aforementioned and what you can now see in the footage below in which you can spot performers Trevor Logan, as well as Aussie actor and martial artist Lewis Tan who co-stars opposite Finn Jones in Netflix series, Marvel's Iron Fist. Check it out below!

Just beneath is a trailer for a shortfilm that recently went online from the folks over at Dance Nocturnal titled Gauntlet Run: Origins, featuring actor and fight coordinator Six Carolino as a hitman who arrives at the wrong place at the right time. The project just so happens to be hitting the festival circuit in Los Angeles very soon and will also be the subject of a forthcoming crowdfunding campaign for a larger series. Peep it:

Lastly is a trailer for which I will update this portion accordingly in lieu of Danny Leysner's newest action short, Cible, starring up-and-comer, actor Geoffrey Thompson as a former crime underling, afflicted with the inability to feel pain, now on a mission of vengeance following the traumatic and brutal execution of his girlfriend and his own near-death at the hands of his former employer.

Joey Ansah (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, SF: Resurrection, Green Street: Underground) serves as action director and fight choreographer for the project which was rehearsed and shot last year. The shortfilm doesn't a date while the trailer, initially meant to go live on Monday, will instead publish between now and Wednesday instead. In case you missed the artwork below, peep it and watch this space as we will update this portion accordingly.

(UPDATE - 3/24/17: The official trailer is now live with more available info HERE)

Time to cap off the Hit List and with a cool round of test fight projects starting with DC Stunt Coalition's newest experimental trials in slow-motion fight action, followed by a comedic new endeavor from The Milton and Glenn Show questioning if two Tommies can fit in the same scene - Megan Hui and Jennifer Li also star.

Following that is a fight practice project from Eunoia Creations led by Cassandra Ebner along with Kid Haru himself, Devin White's own inspired action short based on Marvel's Iron Fist, featuring actor Mark Poletti. Anthony Pho continues the action with a re-upload of a test fight from last year with a couple of folks from the EMC Monkeys, proceeded by a blistering new action jewel called The Gun starring Aaron Gassor and Chase Armitage, and a hard-hitting Kata-inspired test fight assembled by Juan Bofill, a re-upload of a fight sequence by Jamie Flores opposite Andrew J. Neis from their recent inspired 007 fan film, I Only Need One, and Lunar Stunts with a down and dirty, isolated fight clip from a shortfilm currently in post-production titled Equalize.

Kyle Glenn and Greg Lawrence help bring things home some with a rockin swordplay test fight of their own followed by Mark Zhang's latest fantasy match up for Screw Attack's DBX between Genji (Overwatch) and Raiden (Metal Gear), Corridor Digital's Nerf John Wick, and CBR Stunts's latest Instagram fight choreography compilation packed with tons of hits and a dose of hilarity.

Rounding out the playlist is something of a serial independent project from a group of filmmakers at Peewee Cinemas with Nicholas Crowell's latest, Showdown. This one is subtitled "Archangel" and not much is known here in that regard, but the project boasts a three-way fight sequence with fight choreography and a soundtrack all clearly inspired by The Raid. This has its share of flaws but the committment here looks ever present in terms of presentation and concept and I hope we hear more from these fellas.

Enjoy the playlist!

Last week's Hit List is up for grabs if you still have time to spare, so feel free to check it all out and then show your support by subscribing to the channels and sharing The Hit List with friends. And, as always, if you or someone you know has an amazing stunt reel or shortfilm project that needs promoting or sharing, don't hesitate to e-mail us at and alert us!


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