THE HIT LIST: March 13, 2017

My weekend needed more hours seeing as how the lack of sleep tends to wane on a person. Thankfully I got through it enough to finish this week's Hit List, though I'll be keeping some of these passages a bit more abbreviated.

Kicking off this week's stunt reel playlist is Stephon Reynolds, followed by reels featuring Courtney Chen, K Dynamique's own Siamak Samie, Gina Marinella, Michael Carey, Ronin Skai, Sadiqua Bynum, Justin Krall, Martin Martejcik, Ellette Craddock, Kyle Thomas, Stephané Giroudeaud, Justin Craigen and the hard-hitting musings of stunt coordinator and stuntman, Simon Rhee!

Onward, we have some more trailer goods to share and we begin with word that Vietnamese Australian actress Maria Tran's latest efforts with filmmaker Adrian Castro for old school Asian action homage series, Tiger Cop, have officially been met with funding as of last week. The concept itself has stewed for several years as concept trailers with the previous one, Tiger Cop 2, airing in 2013 in the wake of Andy Long's Yellow Zone, which shares its vision in the vein and overall look of a 1980's Hong Kong action film.

Details about the project are yet to be known while. Following that is the latest trailer for contemporary action comedy series, Nerf Assassins, premiering next week on the Art School Dropouts channel, and the second official trailer for the third installment of Alex Chung's non-linear assassin trilogy, Contracts 3!

Off to a raft of fights and shortfilms to finish things up with Felix King who delivers some slick one-take action performed by Reuben Maldonado and Spencer Mulligan, followed by Lunar Stunts with Eric Nguyen's new manifestation of action fandom featuring Mickey Arce's Bruce Lee a la Game Of Death and Irvin Nguyen's Bloodsport star portrayal of Jean-Claude Van Damme; Eric teased this one not too long ago on social media with only a few seconds and I couldn't get enough.

Kid Haru and Kamen Ramen keep things going in a three-way fight between Devin White, Andrew Kim and Gee "Lil' Bomb" Jay before filmmaker and actor Adam Brashaw puts the pedal to the medal in the five-minute proof of concept, Adrenaline; Brashaw contacted us in the past week about his project, inspired by violent 80's and 90's cinematic flair and grit with a touch of synth wave music with a story of a man cornered by gangsters in search of the very serum in his possession. He plans on furthering his efforts to turn this one into a feature film and you can believe that we'll be more than happy to help lend a signal boost.

Filmmaker Wilder Herms brings his touch to the lens with a cool concept that introduces genre fans to actress Julie Zhan's latest action role in the five-minute short, Cactus before we seugue onward to the good folks over at Martial Club in Andy Long's own and brand new '80s Hong Kong action homage, Rising Dragons. Maria Tran and JuJu Chan round things out with the 2013 award-winning action comedy, Hit Girls, a project I've discussed before a few times before on this site but considering Tran's latest success with the aforementioned series production of Tiger Cop, a reintroduction to Hit Girls would be an ample way to celebrate.


Last week's Hit List is loaded with even more ambitious and badass projects and I welcome you all to check them out for yourselves. I'm going to sleep. In the meantime, support the channels by subscribing and share the Hit List with fellow action fans, and if you or someone you know is a badass on screen or a kickass director, has a demo reel or even a shortfilm or trailer that needs some attention, don't hesitate! Send it over to us at!


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