Super 8mm Thriller, LE ACCELERATOR Shifts Gears Into The Brutal And Bizzare In The Latest Trailers

Forgive my tardiness, kids. My previous device had a heart attack and died a violent, bloody, fiery death and so it's taken me quite a bit to get my footing back.

Thankfully after racking my brain to remember certain passwords, I'm currently using an alternative mobile device to get back to doing some necessary blogging and catching up. Nice little vacation though. No beachfront views unfortunately.

Sans laptop or desktop (such is life), I should have a new phone within maybe a week and I can finally tie all ends together with my social medium access. Until then, I'm back, and here to present the latest trailers for a long-awaited project from director Thomas Eikrem titled Le Accelerator. Nope, nothing of the commercial type, though if you're plenty into arthouse and fancy some bizzare film oddities, this one might be right up your alley. Mind the logline though as it doesn't offer much...
The fear of death follows from the fear of life! 
A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. 
David Sakurai IS Le Accelerator.
Take with that what you will with the aforementioned Danish actor and martial artist starring in the title role following notable lead appearances in Shaky Gonzales's Echoes Of A Ronin and Sidney Lexy Plaut's Dark Samurai. You can also expect to catch him in Mitsutake Kurando's exceptionally badass and brutal Karate Kill, and at current, wielding an array of deadly martial arts weaponry against lead actor Finn Jones in Marvel's Iron Fist, as well as in Isaac Florentine's upcoming Antonio Banderas revenge thriller, Stoic.

Talk about prospective! And indeed, I've been talking about Sakurai for sometime now. Hopefully you've been listening. Don't drop the ball, folks.

The official soundtrack for Le Accelerator is available at the official website while a release is pending this year. As such, two new trailers are now online... both go for bold and bloody in illustrious Super 8mm abstraction with the latter teetering with a dose of extra nudist expression. Nice on the eyes, and obviously, NSFW, viewer discretion and so forth...



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