Shout Factory's ROBOCOP 2 Opens Fire With A Blu-Ray Clip

Nope, not everyone loves RoboCop 2, but it's a classic for all of the right reasons and Shout Factory is more than happy to oblige courtesy of its Scream Factory line. Point in fact, they're making available both the second and third films on March 21 as Collector's Edition Blu-Ray releases for fans to own which you can pre-order HERE and HERE.

Actors Peter Weller and Robert John Burke take the mantle in the films, respectively with director Irvin Kershner following up Paul Verhoeven's 1988 classic which pits our hybrid mechanical lawman against an elusive drug syndicate and the corporate criminals emboldening him. Fred Dekker takes the helm of the third film which sees our hero armored up and flying high, banding with underground rebels to defend the people of Old Detroit when the autocrats at OCP implement a militarized policing unit to rip families from their homes.

View a look at the specs for both discs here and pre-order RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3 today! As for me, I'm preferential so I know where I stand. This clip below pretty much understands me.


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