SHOCK WAVE: Andy Lau Is God's Anti-Explosive Messenger In The Newest Trailer

Just for upkeep, the latest trailer for Herman Yau's new movie, Shock Wave, arrived online, and with a much more heavy dose of comprehension thanks to English subs. The film opens on April 20 and with beloved actor Andy Lau fresh and on the mend from an earlier injury overseas in time for the film's campaign to ramp up as it already has... which doesn't make his role seem any less pretentious, to be frank.

You'll see why in the trailer below as his character, a senior bomb disposal expert caught amid the standstill between police and a tunnel jammed by armed men whose leader (Jiang Wu) has a vendetta against our hero, is introduced by his own volition as almost something of a endowed nature. That to me feels like biting off more than one can chew and doesn't do jack for the story in the least in my opinion, but I reckon the rest of film itself may bode pretty well.

Also starring are Song Jia, Phillip Keung, Felix Wong, Liu Kai-Chi and Babyjohn Choi among the cast. Catch the trailer now.


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