Joseph Kosinski Says TRON 3 Isn't Dead... Wait. What?

Wait...what is this bullcrap?

I'm laughing. I feel completely toyed with. Dammit Disney! Why???

Yes, we all thought Tron 3 was dead back in 2015 despite reports of produciton presumed to start in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. Well, depending on how you exhibit and absorb what director Joseph Kosinski had to say about it at a recent screening of the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, you're either still a complete skeptic or otherwise in a state of relief whilst in the mood to throw something... like a disk of some kind.
"I guess I can say that TRON 3 is in cryogenic freeze. So, it’s there. It’s not dead. It’s alive, but it’s sitting there, waiting for the right time to move forward..."
Kosinski goes on to how branding may otherwise affect a potential third film and with any hope that Disney's ownership of it along with current Marvel and Lucasfilm may help along the way. On story, he had the following to add with regard to the current script in its development as Tron: Ascension, and what it may delve into with Tron: Legacy co-star Olivia Wilde hoepfully reprising her role and the aspect of the very world her character, Quorra, merging with ours:
"...I think we got the script to about 80%. We were in good shape. We were probably eight or nine months out, which is still a good amount of distance from being ready to shoot it, but I think the script was in good shape. What I’m excited about is the concept, which is an invasion movie from inside the machine coming out as opposed to one we’ve usually seen. So we hinted at that at the end of Legacy with Quorra coming out, but the idea for Ascension was a movie that was, the first act was in the real world, the second act was in the world of TRON, or multiple worlds of TRON, and the third act was totally in the real world. And I think that really opens up, blows open the concept of TRON in a way that would be thrilling to see on screen. But there’s also a really interesting character study in Quorra and a “Stranger in a Strange Land,” trying to figure out where she belongs having lived in the real world for a few years, and where does she fit in."

Granted, nothing is certain until cameras roll even if a director or producer or anyone says a film is still moving forward. Definitely, some more trade news could be useful in that regard, although should it not be so, Kosinski adds a little more on the posterity of the Tron saga for other mediums:
"It definitely doesn’t have to be on a movie screen. I don’t know if you saw the TRON ride, which opened in Shanghai and was amazing…I think the TRON franchise is alive in rides and I think there’s still interest in exploring other things like VR, but as far as the TV show, I don’t know, I think that would be tough..."
You can read the rest of his quotes in full at Collider but basically, I'd really rather the film just move forward. Granted the sequel didn't do well despite the cult following that accumulated in the eighteen years since Tron, although we still live in an era where at least some sequels are possible even if previous installments don't exactly break even or if they make just enough.

Whatever the case may be, there has to be a reason Kosinski would bring it up to begin with so it's possible that Tron: Ascension could pick up steam. Then again, we convinced ourselves of this same optimism when Guillermo Del Toro went to SDCC 2014 and dangled Hellboy 3 over Hall H like a juicy steak in front of hungry beasts and then again on Twitter in recent months... and well, we know how that story turned out...

...So... yeah. Let's not toy with emotions, here. Please? Please. Thanks.

What do you guys think? Are you eager to see Tron: Ascension? On the fence? Comment below and let us know.


  1. As weak as the second movie was, it did have its moments. It took a different take on programs becoming real and free-thinking like artificial intelligence, but it did drag on and got bogged down in some cliches that made my eyes roll into my brain - and as a fan of the first Tron, the sinister tones of Legacy did pique my interest. As for Ascension, it seems more like Terminator: Rise of the Machines. Or, in this case, TRON: Rise of the Programs. I'm not sure if this would fly in the face of what the original film was trying to accomplish. But we'll see if the script is good (or derivative) and if it draws in the diehard TRON fan.


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