Cambodian Martial Arts Comedy, JAILBREAK, Gets Distribution In Korea

The Cambodia Film Commission took to Hong Kong FilMart last week to promote some of its nation's moviegoing prospects. One of its most prolific titles, the action comedy Jailbreak, already has some positive reviews and reactions going for itself following its local release in January which makes a pretty useful case to embolden the film elsewhere.

Currently, that stake now lies in Korea where Korea Screen has landed the rights to the latest action-packed outing from Hanuman helmer Jimmy Henderson in a deal signed with Kongchak Pictures. Kongchak founder Loy Te produced the feature film which casts Dara Ours (Hanuman), Jean-Paul Ly (Doctor Strange) along with former AV star, actress Celine Tran, top ranked MMA fighter Tharoth Sam and actor Savin Philip for a story centered on a squad of tactical officers fighting to protect a key witness after escorting him to the very prison they now find themselves trapped in.

“This memo deal acts as a pre-agreement of the exclusive purchasing rights to distribute Jailbreak into Theatres, TVs, digital, and other platforms in Korea,” said Te. “We're very excited as we've received a lot of interest for Jailbreak from foreign countries in the region but also from Europe and Americas. We've been approached by various distributors who previously handled films like The Raid from Indonesia, and Ong Bak from Thailand. So, it's looking good so far, and we hope that Jailbreak will attract a similar attention for Cambodia as these titles did,”.

I don't know about the rest of you reading this, but I've BEEN ready for this film. Stay tuned for further acquisition news!


  1. There's still no way to watch Hanuman in the US is there..?

    1. To be frank, unless something pops up as a niche release prospect of somekind, I wouldn't hold my breath, unfortunately.


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