INTO THE BADLANDS: Re-Live All Of The Action From The First Season!

Having suffered the lack of access to AMC in the years prior, it was only until its arrival on Netflix this month that I was able to catch all six episodes of the hit series, Into The Badlands from creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. This comes in lieu of a second season which premieres on March 19 and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed what this show has to offer.

Granted, TV shows can be a bit challenging too with some stretching as far as ten or twelve one-hour episodes. Sure that means more content but you still run risk of being repetitive and mundane which, gladly, Into The Badlands avoids at just six episodes for its first season, keeping things fresh and moving and ever-developing and evolving. And above all else, with none other than Daniel Wu starring as the show's lead as Sunny, the elite clipper in the ward of Baron Quinn (Martin Czokas) who owns the biggest stake in the poppy trade and runs the largest clipper force among the existing Barons of the Badlands.

Such is the battlefield in which this amazing series takes place, and one of searing family drama, politics, and deadly martial arts force when required. Packed with high-end drama and high octane fight sequences from director Stephen Fung and a story that harnesses some of the best any viewer could look forward to in a series of this caliber, you are never tired of this show. The intrigue and boiling tension between many of the show's characters with a few new faces appearing in the second half add only substance to the show's progression.

Thus, leave it to the prospects of a second season following the riproaring fight finale and intense cliffhanger to leave you with some serious high hopes, and especially the action with Aramis Knight, actresses Ally Ioannides and Emily Beecham, and many more returning to the fray as Sunny fights to find his way back to the woman he loves and for the afflicted M.K. to find a way to deal with his ill-gotten abilities whilst finding his mother.

All things in good time as AMC's March 19 (upon which I will be definitely tuning in) and the U.K.'s March 21 Amazon Prime release appoaches. Until then, AMC has packaged all but twenty minutes from the show's stylish, bloodletting fight scenes, including the brutalizing match between Sunny and the Abbots, played by Cung Le, Morgan Benoit and Mickey Facchinello.



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