HURRICANE POLIMAR Reaps A Whirlwind Of Heroics In The Official Trailer

You can find a several bits of behind the scenes footage to look into the production of filmmaker Sakamoto Koichi's live-action adaptation of Tatsunoko property, Hurricane Polimar. At any rate though, you may still find yourself curious and intrigued with the result currently sampled last year's initial teasers, and finally, the full trailer now online and host to a whirlwind of slick, kinetic Tokusatsu action and spectacle.

Yoroi Takeshi is a former street fighter, but he now works as a private investigator. Takeshi also possesses a special suit made out of an augmented polymer. The suit transforms Takeshi Yoroi into Hurricane Polymar who has super strength, high-speed rotation, and ability to transform into five different kinds of vehicles. He can only stay as Hurricane Polymar for up to 46 minutes and 1 second before reverting back. As Hurricane Polymar, Takeshi goes up against villains.

Hurricane Polimar opens in Japan on May 13 with Mizobata Junpei starring in the title role. Watch the new trailer below!


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