GHOST IN THE SHELL Gets An Action Packed Final Trailer

Director Rupert Sanders's Ghost In The Shell continues to sell its stronger points ahead of its release later this week - largely attributed to the stunning visuals and our characters in costume for a pitch that would have any otaku noob believe the film directly pays homage to its animated and manga predecessors. As for whether or not that is the case, I couldn't tell you. I'll make my mind up when I see the reviews from the trades but I can't really wrap my head around some of the changes this film might have made.

What's also confounding is that the director of the 1995 animated movie continues to endorse the film which I'm sure troubles most folks who've been vociferous against whitewashing in the wake of this film, a fact further emboldened by a good number of Japanese folks who don't mind the protagonist having European or Western features over Asian traits. Points for style, for certain, yeah; the visuals are as stunning as one would hope they would be and the action looks as slick as ever.

I still have to see other films before I can check out this one, but I'm on the fence with this. It looks good, but I'll wait until the reviews tell me something more.

In the meantime, the latest trailer arrived on Monday so take a look!


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