FilMart Banner And Poster Images Arise For 'Ip Man 3' Spin-Off, CHEUNG TIN-CHI

Ip Man 3
Perhaps one of the biggest prospects coming out of FilMart last week was the addition of actor and martial artist Max Zhang's upcoming role in Cheung Tin-Chi, spinning off lead actor Donnie Yen's opposite in the 2016 hit, Ip Man 3. And it's pretty big, too, for Zhang's current career progression now landing him roles in several noteworthy projects to date from Asia through Hollywood, including The Invincible Dragon for Pegasus Motion Pictures, and Pacific Rim 2: Uprising for Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

Front and center though is our title character, as seen in the aforementioned Ip Man 3 who learns of the legendary Wing Chun grandmaster's skillset. Cheung, a struggling rickshaw driver working hard to feed his family, eventually sees an opportunity to captialize through his own proficient Wing Chun fighting prowess with the launch of his own school, and in doing so, forming his cordial friendship with Master Ip into a vociferous rivalry that consumes the local media. Ip, otherwise aware of the current events, tends to the needs of his wife, Wing-sing (Lynn Hung), until they come to terms with Ip's destiny as a martial artist in lieu of a private one-on-one duel between masters.

Cheung Tin-Chi, untitled at the time was announced last May and with its further confirmation at FilMart from Pegasus, the film reportedly confirmed a cast currently rounding out with actress Michelle Yeoh (Marco Polo) and actor Dave Bautista (Guardians Of The Galaxy: Volume Two), bookending with an expected guest starring role from international action star Tony Jaa (xXx 3). Action maestro Yuen Woo-Ping is helming the pic which is expected to start this summer.

Seperately, Yen, currently on deck to star in an adaptation of the game, Sleeping Dogs, will commence the production of a fourth Ip Man movie with Wilson Yip at the helm beginning next year.

The preliminary artwork below for Cheung Tin-Chi was previously seen at FilMart and have since gone viral with clear scans you can check out for your own viewing.


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