CIBLE: Vengeance Comes Home In The Official Shortfilm Trailer

Earlier this month, we presented an exclusive look at promotional artwork for director Danny Leysner's latest shortfilm foray Cible. A trailer was inbound with a release that took some extra days thereafter to finalize but now we can report that an online premiere is now being planned for an April 20 premiere for an audience in Amsterdam with an online release to follow suit.

Filmmaker, actor and martial artist Joey Ansah (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Street Fighter: Resurrection) serves as action director for Cible which sees actor Geoffrey Thompson starring as a former criminal underling seeking a better life with his girlfriend. Traumatized from being forced to watch her brutal execution by his former employer, he is left for dead only to reawaken, desensitized from pain by his injuries with no other choice but to return the favor laying a bloody, vengeful path of his own.

Leysner directs from his own script co-written with cinematographer Bram Breukelman. 

The official trailer is finally online with all the trimmings, including a boiling hot score to bookend the brutal action and seething tone that awaits. Check it out now, and if you've been keeping up with the weekly Hit List, you can also spot it here where we've made the appropriate updates. Enjoy!


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