Catch The Fearless New Trailer For EXTRAORDINARY MISSION

Details have been slowly rolling out ever since the teasers aired last year for the new action thriller, Extraordinary Mission from the team behind the Infernal Affairs and Overheard film franchises. The film has since staked itself a local theatrical release on April 6 and as such, Distribution Workshop now boasts a fresh new trailer with English subtitles to oblige.

The film hails from directing duo Alan Mak and Anthony Pun with a script by Felix Chong which sees an undercover cop's incursion into a drug cartel only to learn his boss's colleague has been held captive for a decade. Actor Huang Xuan (Blind Massage) leads the cast along with actor Duan Yihong and actress Lang Yueting (Mountain Cry) with action sequences by Nicky Li (Wolf Warrior, Invisible Target).

Watch the trailer below!


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