Before The Movie Can Be Made, THE MAN FROM DEATH Needs Your Help To Stage A Script Reading Event!

Roughly over a year ago I managed to procure an interview actor and producer Eric R. Lim (Greenside, Ghost Source Zero) whose creative influx at the time came at a purely raw, emotional and pivotal point in his life after his sister's death in 2012. Netizens took hold of that creativity a year later with director Stephen Reedy's beautifully-crafted, fiery, action-packed message drama, The Forge, a project that proved fortuitous enough to bring Lim and Reedy together again the following year for their latest shortfilm success, The Man From Death.

Housed at Lim's Baby Under The Moon Productions, the project itself was two years in the making and had long been considered as a proof-of-concept for a more grand presentation, and has since gone on to win numerous awards and shots of praise from the festival circuit at large. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and festival goers and netizens have each had a sampling of the dessert the concept entails in its online availabilty, including the recently-lauched Indiegogo campaign where efforts are now stirring to host a live, taped script reading of the film to gain the necessary buzz ample to making the The Man From Death feature film a reality.

The crewing so far is a worthwhile one with someone like Reedy who first landed on my radar back in the early two-thousandsies with the MTV shortfilm fave, Undercut and subsequent work on Eric Jacobus's Contour (a.k.a. The Agent). He has since accumulated credits on projects with major studios and, thankfully, will be directing the feature progression of The Man From Death, no less building on on the petrie dish of hyper-fantastic, colorful, super-violent, whimsical Western he helped crafted with a crew of action talents and action director Vlad Rimburg (Unlucky Stars, Sultan).

Baby Under The Moon Productions (2016)
The Man From Death tells of a man brought back to life in a deal forged in a prophetic, blood-drawn list of tasks he must fulfill in order to either help him seek vengeance for the death of his family, or even redemption...but preferably, hopefully revenge. The forthcoming cast for the movie currently lists Lim with actor and martial artist Mike Moh (The Inhumans, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Empire), with newly-attached scribes Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh (Bite Me - series, This Is Normal) on script detail.

Production details are further pending, but can only arise with the momentum of a staged special event reading which now needs your help. That ultimately means obtaining the funds needed to accomodate the demands of the event (i.e. theater rental, projector for screening, parking, security, insurance, food and beverages, talent fees, etc.), and with the goal of attracting as big an audience as possible that could attract A-listers, studio producers and other backers to help the film move forward.

The Man From Death is a film that stands plenty to gain from its growth into feature film status as much more than just a niche actioner, providing tons to mull over in terms of visionary style, energy and tone, as well as action, and much to the appeal toward someone like Reedy whose "Balls + Heart" formula for storytelling comes brilliantly executed. It is something that he and Lim are fully committed to no matter the odds, as Lim so stated in our interview last year, "For me, this is the beginning of my long game, trying to lay the groundwork for another feature outing. Definitely the big one for me as producer and actor in 2016, and I hope people like it!"


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